Having trouble with the tunes? Here they all are... well most of them, played by Stephen Wass on a Castagnari Nik (a two row melodeon or button key accordion in the keys of G and D). To save space I have mostly played just a single A and B, except where I have not! It's also Stephen's voice on the words.

An important feature of Adderbury is the tradition of singing in some dances. Michael Pickering in his "Village Song and Culture" (Croom Helm 1982) pointed out the links between members of the nineteenth century team and organised singing groups in the village. Certainly some of the team's repertoire was drawn from popular music of the time. Sometimes, presumably when worn out, they would simply stand and sing a song with sticking in the chorus. One wonders if there were occasions when a musician was unavailable so the side got into the habit of working with song tunes everyone knew. Singing during the 'once to yourself', a walk round for the current team, certainly gets everyone in step and ready to operate at the same tempo.

Yet to be captured digitally is the jig "Jockey to the Fair".


Download Name Play Duration
download 17th of May
0:32 min
download Anniversary Jig
0:27 min
download Beaux of London City
0:24 min
download Bethlehem
0:32 min
download Betty Windsor
0:44 min
download Black Joke
0:27 min
download Bluebells of Scotland
0:31 min
download Brighton Camp
0:31 min
download Brighton Camp Words
0:14 min
download The Buffoon
0:31 min
download Cobbs Horse
0:32 min
download Constant Billy
0:32 min
download Constant Billy Words
0:29 min
download Cuckoos Nest
0:32 min
download Le Halle Place
0:40 min
download Happy Man
1:52 min
download Haste to the Wedding
0:35 min
download Sweet Jenny Jones
0:36 min
download Sweet Jenny Jones Words
0:14 min
download Lads a Bunchem
0:32 min
download Lads a Bunchem Words
0:14 min
download Landlord
0:32 min
download Landlord Words
0:29 min
download The Lollipop Man
0:32 min
download Old Woman
0:31 min
download The Postmans Knock
1:05 min
download Princess Royal
0:39 min
download Roast Beef
0:47 min
download Shepherds Away
0:31 min
download Shepherds Away Words
0:16 min
download The Bell
0:34 min
download Stourton Wake
0:33 min
download Washing Day Words
0:15 min
download Washing Day
0:31 min